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PES Publications - Research
  • Here you will find all publications of the periodical PES Info as well as the paperback series PES report ordered by the year of publication. Here you will also encounter the PES labour market structure reports, PES labour market forecasts, the PES labour market abridged report as well as the PES qualification structure reports sorted by year of publication. These publications, published by the Dep. for Labour Market Research and Vocational Information of the Public Employment Service (PES) Austria, form the backbone of the PES research and are available as full text PDFs.
  • Furthermore, the publication series PES report can be ordered as hardcopy via the online shop. Additional information can be found under the menu item "PES publications research".
  • The annual PES labour market analyses and the PES province-specific manuals for supporting the planning of training and further education programmes are to be found in the menu bar "PES qualification barometer" as full text PDFs.
PES/ ABI methods, information handbooks and PES / ABI methods database
  • The PES/ ABI methods and information handbooks go along with and support the knowledge transfer from PES research in practice at different levels. They serve both as lecture notes or works of reference for training and further education, respectively for occupational activities on the labour market. They also serve as guidelines in matters of education policy.
  • The PES/ ABI methods and information handbooks can be downloaded at no charge. They can also be ordered via the online shop, by refunding the production costs.
  • As a database solution, the PES / ABI methods database contains the entire method collection of the three PES / ABI methods handbooks.
E-library- Publication search (bibliographical search and full text search)
  • Please use the different functions of the query form under the menu item "E-library" to search for contents, in the above-mentioned PES publication series or for further PES single research publications, as well as for different job information brochures of the series "Job Chances with Academic Studies" ("Jobchancen Studium").
  • The E-Library of the PES research network contains a variety of further scientific texts by different national and international organisations/ authors on topics such as: labour market, vocational and qualification research, social research (empirical and theoretical studies and papers, articles in magazines and journals, speeches at conferences, dissertations etc.) Please use the different functions of the query form under the menu item "E-library" to search for contents.
  • All entries in the E-library are available as full text PDFs. The E-library is continuously up-dated with new entries by the editorial department of the PES research network.
    At the moment the E-Library contains 14.103 full text publications.
Many publications are to be found in the Acrobat PDF
format. If you have not installed the Acrobat Reader
on your PC yet, this is where you can download it:
get Acrobat Reader