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AutorIn 1:Smits, Ruud
AutorIn 2:Zweck Axel
AutorIn 3:Rader Michael
weitere AutorInnen:Barré, Remi; Ahti, Salo
HerausgeberIn 1:European Commission - Joint Research Centre
HerausgeberIn 2:Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)
Titel:Strategic Policy Intelligence: Current Trends, the State of Play and Perspectives - S&T Intelligence for Policy-Making Processes
Ort:Brussels / Luxembourg
Verlag:European Commission
Reihe:IPTS Technical Report Series, EUR 20137 EN
Abstract:"(...) This report provides an overview of the current trends of Strategic Policy Intelligence and its current and future potentials in contributing to the policymaking process. Three methods of Strategic Policy Intelligence are examined: Technology Forecasting, Assessment and Foresight. Technology Forecasting analyses conditions and potentials of technological development within a concrete framework. Technology Assessment supports decision-making by generating technology or problem-specific options arising from new developments. Technology Foresight addresses the impacts of technological development on a broader scale. The individual methods already have a tradition in supporting policy-related decision-making, but the growing knowledge-intensity, the pace of technological and structural change and the increasingly distributed and networked character of the economy produce the need for new modes of governance and policy-processes. These conditions increase the complexities and uncertainties of policy-making, shorten the lead-time for preparation, and lead to a higher necessity for prospective methods like those incorporated in Strategic Policy Intelligence. Recent developments in Technology Forecasting, Assessment and Foresight have lead to the point where their contributions to policymaking become the more evident and straightforward the more they are regarded in a less isolated fashion, but applied within the comprehensive perspective of Strategic Policy Intelligence."
Download: hier klicken (PDF  4,07 MB)
URL: European Commission - Joint Research Centre