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AutorIn 1:Aleksynska, Mariya
AutorIn 2:Berg, Janine
AutorIn 3:Foden, David
weitere AutorInnen:Johnston, Hannah u.a.
HerausgeberIn 1:European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions - Eurofound
HerausgeberIn 2:International Labour Organization - ILO
Titel:Working conditions in a global perspective
Abstract:"(…) Job quality is a major focus of policymakers around the world. For workers, the enterprises that employ them and for societies, there are benefits associated with high-quality jobs, and costs associated with poor-quality jobs. This report – the result of a pioneering project by the International Labour Organization and Eurofound – provides a comparative analysis of job quality covering approximately 1.2 billion workers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. It analyses seven dimensions of job quality: the physical environment, work intensity, working time quality, the social environment, skills and development, prospects, and earnings, finding both important differences and similarities between countries. By analysing positive and negative aspects of job quality in different countries and societies, the report provides a way to look beyond national explanations, to see how some groups of workers are affected more than others and understand the particular issues for women workers around the world – in support of evidence-based policymaking to improve job quality. (…)"
Download: hier klicken (PDF  3,13 MB)
URL: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions - Eurofound