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Online magazines

ARBEIT online journal
The social science journal LABOUR (ARBEIT) edited its archive. At the moment the volumes 1992-2002 (nearly complete) are available online as full texts. For a better orientation, all articles were sorted by content subject area. Additionally, an author index was created. Only the table of contents with abstracts of the last issues are available free of charge. The printed issues can be ordered at the Lucius publishing house.
Electronic magazine library
Cooperative service of 324 libraries with the goal of offering simple and easy to handle access to electronically released scientific magazines. Only the magazines which offer articles in the full text are taken in.
On the special field Sociology there are over 1000 titles.

Link to the special field Sociology
Global Labour Journal
Global Labour Journal, is an open access, fully peer reviewed online journal launched in January 2010. It serves as a forum to capture the plentiful and diverse scholarly work emerging on labour activities worldwide and highlight the ways that labour activities are increasingly shaped by global forces.
Information — Open Access Information Science Journal
Information (ISSN 2078-2489; CODEN: INFOGG) is a scientific, open access journal of information science and technology, data, knowledge, and communication, and is published quarterly online by MDPI.
IZA Journal of European Labor Studies
The IZA Journal of European Labor Studies publishes high-quality international research on a wide range of issues of relevance for European labor markets. In its scope it is policy-oriented and focused on applied research work.
Social science journal on the web
Presently, it contains a list of 59 journals and periodicals.
Social science journals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
They contain information to social science journals, which are regularly examined and evaluated by the Information Centre Social Sciences in co-operation with other technically specialized institutions for the literature data base SOLIS.
The Journal of Philosophical Economics
An academic, peer-reviewed, and online journal in the field of economics and philosophy of science.
Vocational and economic pedagogics (bwp) online
bwp@ is an interactive medium, by means of which the communication within vocational and economic pedagogics is to be promoted via internet. In this sense, bwp@ is a scientific journal, in which theoretically and practically oriented articles in the field of vocational and economic pedagogics are published. These articles tackle topical issues from different perspectives and thus encourage an exchange of thoughts between researchers, trainers, practitioners and students.