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Research data bases

Austrian library association: the entire catalogue
As of March 15th 2005 the entire catalogue of the Austrian Library Association accounts for:
4.341,000 titles
8.158,000 copies
629,000 journals
62 libraries participate actively (i.e. by online listing) in the association; the journals are listed by further 310 institutions. Particularly, the entire catalogue covers literature published since 1980.
Eurydice - the information network on education in Europe
Eurydice publishes descriptions of national education systems, comparative reports devoted to specific topics, indicators and statistics, as well as news and articles related to the field of education.
IAB online
IAB is an information platform of the German Institute for Labour Market and Vocational Research, which provides methodically structured information free of charge.
IDEAS - bibliographic database
Knowledgebase Adult Education
The online platform "Knowledgebase Adult Education" - a project of the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres (VÖV) and of the Austrian Archives for Adult Education (ÖVA) - offers a multilingual and internationally oriented virtual training environment for all those working in adult education and for researchers and learners. It makes it possible to get fast, precise and comprehensive information on different aspects of adult education in Austria. It aims at stimulating discussions on the central questions related to theory and practice in adult education. On the one hand, this is made possible through a news bar, and, on the other hand, through a text archive, in which important basic texts of previous and present discussions have been lastingly stored and made available.
Literature data base Vocational Training
The literature data base Vocational Training is a joint project of the working group ?Vocational Training Research Net? under the leadership of the Federal Institute for Vocational Training. It shows the relevant literature on the topics vocational education and vocational training research published since 1988 and it facilitates thereby a comprehensive, structured overview on the actual body of knowledge in the field.
PERINE - database for educational researchers (Pedagogical and Educational Research Information Network for Europe)
SSOAR - Social Science Open Access Repository
Here on our website you will find steadily growing holdings of freely available, full-text social science documents.
Virtual catalogue Karlsruhe
Book search interface for more than hundreds of million books and serials in library and book trade catalogs worldwide.