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PES/ABI Systems on vocational information

Further education data base
Vocational further training is nowadays more important than ever. The present further training landscape offers good conditions in order to keep up with the new challenges. But the one, who has so many choices, is spoilt for choice. The manifold range of further training possibilities, educational institutions and seminars are hardly transparent.
The public employment service PES Austria provides a comprehensive database that helps to bring out to light the best further training possibilities. The PES aims at constantly updating and expanding the database. However, the information regarding training institutions and seminars is to be up-dated by the respective institutions themselves.
Job compass
The online vocational orientation test does not only provide an evaluation of the respective personal test results, but it also suggests a list of jobs matching the test results. The matching goes through all 700 stored job descriptions.
Job Lexicon online
Here you will find all important information as to vocational decision-making and training. Approximately 2.000 professions can be searched for and sorted either by sectors of work, alphabetically or by using the search function. Each occupation is provided with extensive information such as job specifications, employment possibilities, initial and further vocational training opportunities and partly also with statistics (e.g. number of apprentices in case of apprenticeships). Videos illustrate relevant professional experience and facilitate an overview of the desired field of activity. Nevertheless, if questions remain open, further information can be obtained from any PES job information centres (BIZ); there you will encounter a large range of brochures and dissemination materials on topics such as vocational choice, training, advanced training and labour market.
Methods database
As a database solution, the PES / ABI methods database contains the entire method collection of the three PES / ABI methods handbooks on the topic vocational and labour market orientation.
Qualification barometer
A comprehensive information system about qualification trends on the Austrian labour market. It does not only offer detailed information, but also an efficient overview of the trends within each vocational sector. It was published for the first time in March 2003 and since then it has been up-dated annually.
Vocational information system
Approximately 10.000 job titles, about 3.600 detail qualifications and 600 professions with short descriptions of employment possibilities, income, work environment, vocational training and much more make the PES vocational information system to a comprehensive work of reference for people, who search for certain professions or qualifications (including personal requirements).