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In the following menu options you will find:

PES (AMS)/ABI vocational information system
It contains an overview of the central online tools of the Dep. for Labour Market Research and Vocational Information of the Public Employment Service (PES) Austria with the scope of enhancing the information on the labour market and sustaining vocational orientation. Together with the printed job information of the Public Employment Service, these tools support the work of the Public Employment Service’s vocational information centres (BIZ) established throughout Austria.

Research organisations
This menu point contains an alphabetically ordered overview of organisations in Austria, which attend to labour market, vocational, educational and qualification research. The respective logos of these organisations are linked to their direct websites, thus ensuring a fast access.

Research data bases
The link facilitates the access to different national and international online data bases (including library networks) that support labour market, vocational, educational and qualification research.

Research networks
The link contains different national and international online research networks, which support the labour market, vocational, education and qualification research.

International organisations
Here you will get direct online access to the websites of organisations such as: European Union, EES (EBS), ILO, OECD etc.

Online magazines
The link provides access to different online magazines and/or portals (digital magazine catalogues) that support labour market, vocational, educational and qualification research.

QUINORA is a project funded by the European Union Leonardo da Vinci programme and sustained by the PES research network. As regards content QUINORA consists of developing and adapting a quality assurance programme for group training in vocational orientation and activation. An e-learning tool and an e-library were also developed and will be further up-dated.
The critically discursive contribution of the QUINORA results strive for the meta /system level of different labour market policy makers involved in vocational orientation, activation and qualification. The implementation of "QUINORA products" on their management levels (regarding their application in the "day-to-day business") is also a target to be followed by the project.

labour market statistics / further statistic resources
It provides online access to different national and international data sources regarding labour market and education and/or to data bases and sources providing detailed "statistical material".